The Wonderful Kiwis

In addition to larger projects, a lot of our work consists of helping Kiwi family's to enjoy their living space and this in itself is very rewarding but we also like to believe that help the Kiwis to create something that can be passed on as a legacy on to their future off spring.

Property Developers

BC Design Studio recently started collaborating with a number of Residential Developers. And both our company and our clients hold the environment and eminence in increasingly high regard, which is why we use our in-house Homestar Assessment to ensure all properties are designed well above the normal running standards.

Auckland Council

As an approved contractor with the Auckland District Council, we also have the opportunity to hone our skills in relation to non-residential projects. These include offices, light commercial, and hospitality projects. Projects like these ultimately lead us back on a creative journey with creative property designs. Stay tuned, because our creativity could become your reality!